1st Grade Survival Kits

1st Grade Survival Kits

The 1st grade survival kit is something I've done for the past few years as a gift for students when they come for the Teacher Meet and Greet. I like them because they can be put together pretty cheap and it looks like a lot to students! It also tells me a lot about the students before the school years starts. For example, every year I'll have students who quietly hold the bag waiting for me to give the go ahead to open it, students who rip the whole thing open devour all the candy and leave the less desireable items such as the erasers, students who ask for more of something, students who say thank you, students who can read the entire poem without any help!   

The materials I used to make 25 bags include:

  • one package of white paper lunch sacks (found at Walmart I got a package of 50 and will use the other 25 for the students 1st day homework "Me Bags" see Homework tab for more information on "Me Bags")
  • 2 rolls of 1/8 inch ribbon (found at Walmart each roll is 6 yards for $1 each roll)
  • 1st Day Poem (click here to download)
  • paper hold puncher
  • one bag of Starbursts (about 4 per bag)
  • one bag of Laffy Taffy (about 3 per bag)
  • two bags of Smarties (about 5 per bag)
  • 4 bags of bouncy balls (1 per bag found in the birthday party section at Walmart $1 for each bag)
  • 2 packages of pencil head erasers (2 per bag found in the school supply section at Walmart)
  • 1 package of bookmarks (1 per bag found in the school supply section at Walmart for 88 cents)
  • 1 package of stickers (1 row of 5 stickers per bag. I bought a package of the different colored smiley stickers and cut them into rows of five) 

It took about an hour to make 25 bags. It would be quicker to just staple the poem onto the bag instead of using a hole punch and a ribbon if you are looking to save time. Also if you don't have a colored printer (or you just don't want to use the ink) the bags look just as cute printed on colored paper with black ink. 

The Teaching Heart is where I got the idea for the survival kits and if you are looking for ideas for different items to put in the bags, check out their web site


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