1st Week of School....Ahhhh!

That time of the year is approaching fact! The first week of school is almost here and I am excited (and nervous) to put all the great ideas I have learned about over the summer into action! I am a new CAFE and Daily 5 user. I have read both books and fallen in love! I wanted to create lesson plans that included the 1st lesson of Daily 5 and CAFE as well as all the "normal" 1st week procedures and getting to know each other activities.

I really like how the first few lessons of Daily 5 and CAFE can easily be used on the first few days of school. I spent many hours writing this detailed plan for the 1st day of school for my 1st graders. My lesson plan also includes a teacher checklist of what materials to have ready and documents needed to be pulled up on the computer. I hope other new Daily 5 and CAFE users might find it helpful when deciding how to introduce Daily 5 and CAFE in addition to when to teach other procedures throughout the 1st day.
More informaton about Daily 5 and CAFE can be found at

Click to download 1st day lesson plan  

Check back as I add more lesson plans as I complete them. HAPPY PLANNING!


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