Daily 5 and Guided Reading

So I think I FINALLY decided how I want to go about incorporating Daily 5 into my guided reading groups with my 1st graders. I'm working on a rotation poster which will help explain a little bit and I will post that later.

I will have 4 reading groups that will travel to 4 different 20 minute literacy stations. The stations will include:

1. Meet with Teacher
2. Work with a Buddy (re-read guided reading & and play a reading skill file folder game)
3. Work at Seat (short skill sheet such as Mountain Lang or Daily Language then Read to Self)
4. Free Choice (students can pick Listen to Reading, Work on Words, Work on Writing, Computer-students will have assigned days)

My problem was with the Free Choice station. Even though only 1 of my reading groups will be at Free Choice at a time, I didn't want 6-7 kids at Work on Words for material and classroom management reasons. If you have read the Daily 5 book, then I know what you are thinking! This is where the mini lessons and having students "check in" comes in. However, I really wanted to use the mini lesson time to teach and not be messing with students coming up and down making choices. I saw on another teacher's blog that she has her students make their Daily 5 choice when they come in during morning procedures. I like this idea becomes it doesn't interfere with teaching time.

The problem is I had to come up with a way to show students that just because there were 6-7 students who chose Listen to Reading, as long as they weren't in your SAME reading group the choice was still available. That is where this chart comes in!

I have 4 guided reading groups each with their own space icon (astronauts, stars, plants, rocket ships).  I am going to cut a circle Velcro piece in half and place half above the icon on the rotation chart and the other half on the back of the individual student icon. 

Students check in by placing their icon covering the poster's icon. If all your groups icons are covered, the choice is full for that day. If you would like to use these items in your classroom, look below for FREE downloads!


andrea stoddard said...

Love the blog Mrs. Taul! Going to be a wonderful year ahead!


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