Back to School Fun With Wordle

I'm really excited about this new back to school idea I found on Mrs. Ripp's blog. The idea is to have parents give you a list of five adjectives they feel best describes their child. You use the five adjectives to create a Wordle. If you have never used Wordle, you should check out   It is a fun way to create "word clouds" using fun text and colors. Here is a sample Wordle about the US Constitution:

Pretty neat, right? Best of all, it's FREE. After you create the Wordle, you can use it to surprise the Star Student of the week by displaying the Wordle all about them on your Smart board. You can also print them for a classroom or hallway display. Students LOVE Smart boards and anything that has to do with themselves so I think this is a win win! This could also be a great way to teach adjectives. I created a FREE letter asking parents to list the adjectives. The TPT site is down so I'll have to upload the printable document as soon as it's up and running. Here is a peek below.


Ary Knox said...

Can you make a Wordle for me?

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