Learning Behavior Expectations

This year I'm using a behavior clip chart (another great idea from Pinterest) to help manage student behavior. Here are the levels I decided to use for my classroom:
Ready to Learn
Think About It
Teacher Choice
Parent/Principal Contact

Students who stay on Ready to Learn will earn a behavior ticket that may be collected and cashed in for rewards. I will allow my students to move clips from Think About It back to Ready to Learn once they have shown they are Ready to Learn. Teacher Choice will be just that, a case by case decision on whether the clip should be able to be moved back.

I have seen a bunch of the behavior clip charts that have ones above "Ready to Learn" which look more like this:
Outstanding Day
Great Day
Good Day
Ready to Learn
Think About It
Teacher Choice
Parent Contact

I understand this must work for some teachers, but for me it would be a HOT MESS. First, what's the difference between being Ready to Learn and a Good Day? What's the difference between a Great Day and Outstanding Day? Also, since most of them have the word "Day" after it, do you wait until the end of the day to tell students whether they were "Good" or "Outstanding"?

Don't get me wrong, I am ALL for positive reinforcement as a tool for behavior management. But I think general positive statements mean little for students. I like celebrating outstanding CHOICES not days. I am going to use Class Dojo as a tool to recognize great choices ( . Students who are caught making a great choice can earn points that can be traded in for extra behavior tickets to buy prizes and rewards. I will post pictures and updates as the year goes about how it is working.

I created behavior role play cards that I am going to use on the 1st day of school to teach consequences and behaviors that move the clip down. These can also be used to revisit behavior expectations throughout the school year.

Click here to download behavior role cards.  


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