Placing Students in Reading Groups???

My school has used a direct instruction reading program since I have been a teacher there. This means EVERYTHING was done for us in regards to reading instruction. At the beginning of the year when I was  given my class list, I also got every child's reading level and which group they should be placed in. All I had to do was open the teacher's guide to the same lesson number on the sheet and.......well that's basically it. Well, at the end of last school year I found out that program was going away and I needed to start using a guided reading approach to my reading instruction. As much as I complained about reading word for word from the boring teacher's guide, the truth is since I had gotten so used to it, I was a little worried about what I was going to do. So I spent this summer trying to come up with a plan of action! I've bought wonderful resources on TPT, read great books like Daily 5 and CAFE, and spent an embarrassing amount of time on Pinterest.
I  especially worried about one thing: HOW WILL I KNOW HOW TO PLACE STUDENTS? I read a lot about running records and vaguely remember giving one during a case study for one of my grad classes, but I just didn't think a running record was enough information for me to really figure out where to place my students. I really wanted an easy way to keep track of the different assessments I gave because let's be honest, 4-5 pieces of paper per a student is way too much to try to keep track of much less try to look at it and make sense of it. I made this Scoring Sheet as a way for a teacher to look at the assessments as a "big picture" view of student strengths and weaknesses. I also condensed lengthy assessments and made it where I can use one sheet to assessment a student on recognizing the alphabet, phonological awareness, and phonics.  All you need is your own level reading passage and your school’s sight word list and the rest is in the packet. My goal is to complete this packet within the first couple of weeks of school.  I will definitely be posting to let ya’ll know how it turned out! 

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