Student Checklist

I have spent a countless amount of hours trying to decide on how I am going to organize my reading groups this year. LOTS of things at my school are changing this year.

Just SOME of the changes I can think of:

  • No direct instruction reading program. I will now be teaching guided reading
  • New spelling program 
  • Common Core Standards
  • Extra hour in our school day (previous years students left at 2:15, this year dismissal is 3:25 YIKES)
Personal changes for me include: changing grade levels (from 3rd to 1st) and of course the dreaded move of the classroom.

In light of the fact I will have an hour less of planning each day due to the school's hours changing, I really wanted to find a way to manage my reading centers WITHOUT a pile of papers for each activity. In my search, I stumbled across Daily 5 written by the 2 Sisters. It was my answer to creating meaningful literacy based learning activities that held students' attention while I worked with reading groups. 

I tweaked the concept of Daily 5 to best meet my scheduling needs. I will post more details about that later.....(when I figure them all out!) All I have so far is my student checklist which does explain some of what I'm thinking.     

Click here to download FREE student checklist


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