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It's been a busy weekend! My first graders started last Thursday and this upcoming week will be our first full week together! I've been working on a lesson plan template this weekend. I've tried several different ways to write lesson plans. I really like being able to view the entire week at one time. Since my school is using guided reading this year, each group's lesson plans will be on one page for the week and kept in their group's guided reading bucket. I will use the weekly plans below to show my CAFE mini lessons and read aloud books to use each day.

I will be integrating science/ss and language skills into my writing block. For example, we are about to start a weather unit and one of the skill sheets I have pulled is putting weather words in ABC order. We can also make a sentence using of the weather words and discuss capital letters and punctuation.

I am also starting Math Workshop which will include a pre-test and whole group intro on Mondays, centers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and then whole group review and post-test on Fridays. The center rotations will include work with teacher (probably an activity on the Promethean Board), seat work, games, and fact practice. The fact practice will include flash cards and then 2-3 students will each have a day of the week to use computer to practice math facts.

The plans can be edited to meet your scheduling needs. Click for free download.  


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