Wizard of Oz & Common Core

I've had so much fun reading the Wizard of Oz to my first grade students! According to the CCGPS curriculum map, this week each student will make their own Cast of Characters book featuring the characters in the Wizard of Oz. I found some cute graphic organizers for Dorothy, but not for the other characters we are supposed to cover so I created a packet with a cluster map for Dorothy, Glenda, The Wicked Witch, Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow. Each page lists the CCGPA standard:

1.RL.3 I will describe characters, setting, and major events in a story.

I also wanted a way for my lower level students to meet the standard without simply taking the number of boxes down from 5 to 3. I always try to look for ways to differentiate activities without having the low students do less and the high students do more. Lower level students' papers will look the same as the rest of the class after they trace the two pre-written adjectives.

Click here to grab your Cast of Characters Book


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